Amberif 2024. For the first time Amber Galbin Group presented its own products to the whole world

In late March, the three-day international fair “Amberif Spring 2024” took place in the Polish city of Gdańsk. This event is the largest exhibition of amber and jewelry products made from precious stones, making it a significant occasion for the amber industry.
Manufacturers and buyers from all over the world gather at this fair. The Polish believe that the amber trails intersect right here! Amberif is held twice a year, in spring and on the cusp of autumn. This year’s spring Amberif attracted approximately 250 participants.

The Amber Albin Group showcased their products at the fair. The Group had two stands: one featuring raw amber extracted from Ukrainian deposits, and the other displaying their own crafted items.

Our products impressed the visitors. According to Pavlo Bondar, the director of “Burprom,” this year’s event saw more participants than in recent years. Despite the pandemic-related challenges, people approached our stands and showed interest in both raw materials and finished products. Notably, one Canadian visitor purchased several amber paintings!
Left to right in the photo: Pavlo Bondar, Director of “Burprom”; Oleksandr Plodystyi, Consul of Ukraine in Gdańsk; Oleg Bohelskyi, Head of the Amber Galbin Group of Companies
Overall, our team is very satisfied with the results.