The first international exhibition, export of amber, proposals for cooperation. Amber Galbin sums up 2022.

Last year, the Amber Galbin group of companies took part in an international exhibition for the first time. We received 20 proposals for cooperation, sent eight batches of amber to European countries and China. We are currently planning to create products ourselves.

2022 was a difficult year for Ukrainians. Due to the full-scale invasion of the Russians, businesses were closed and industries were literally destroyed.

However, our companies worked, and some of them began to mine amber. Mind you, during martial law and after almost two years of bureaucratic red tape.

Amber from Rivne occurrence.

Already in autumn, Burprom LLC presented its mined products at the world’s largest amber exhibition AMBERIF, which was held in the Polish city of Gdansk. This is how Amber Galbin first met the international sunstone market.

Amber Galbin presented its products for the first time at the international exhibition Amberif.
Gdansk, Poland.

At the exhibition, we not only introduced the participants to Rivne stones. Our representatives convinced us that it is quite legal to do business with Ukraine.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Amber Galbin was offered cooperation by almost twenty companies from different countries: Lithuania, Poland, China and others.

1-3 вересня поточного року в м. Гданськ, Польща відбулась щорічна осіння виставка-ярмарок AMBERIF 2022
Yan Fedosyuk, deputy director of Amber Galbin, next to the showcase with the products of Burprom LLC at the Amberif exhibition.

Another achievement in 2022 was sales abroad, of course, in compliance with Ukrainian and international legislation. In total, we sent eight batches of amber to the countries of the European Union and to China.

Concerning Chinese, they are special connoisseurs of solar stones, especially Ukrainian ones. The Chinese are interested, want to buy it and cooperate. Maybe because amber is in trend with them now, but as far as I can tell, the Chinese are just masters of their craft, –


During the year, Amber Galbin constantly helped the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, this car was sent to the east. We perfectly understand: without victory, there will be no Ukrainian business. This is the business of the whole nation.

The car that Amber Galbin handed over to the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Amber Galbin plans to make her own amber products

Currently, 137 employees work at the five companies that are part of the Amber Galbin Group. The total salary fund is more than three million hryvnias per month. We think this sum eloquently testifies to the scope of the activity.
At the same time, we note: Amber Galbin does not stop there. In the near future, we plan to establish cooperation with China in order to learn how to process solar stones on our own.
In general, our goal is to sell finished products and become the largest amber company in the world.